Natural Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Natural Cures For Hair Loss

Whether circular hair loss or consistently thinning hair: For many people, hair loss is a psychological burden. Natural remedies and traditional healing methods can certainly provide relief.

We lose up to one hundred hairs a day – this is quite normal. First of all, this loss can be considered normal. Old hair is replaced by new hair and thus forms a natural cycle. For example, if you don’t comb your hair for a long time, you will probably notice a lot of hair the next time you brush your hair. There is still no reason to worry. However, if the hair density spontaneously becomes noticeably thinner and the scalp suddenly reacts with pain sensitivity, this shows that something is wrong in the organism. Hair loss is triggered by a disorder within the scalp, which in turn can have various factors as its cause.

How To Stop Hair Loss From Stress?

If you notice that you are losing more hair than usual and bald patches are forming, you should avoid budding panic. There are some home remedies against hair loss. Hair loss can be cured in many cases with natural remedies.

In some people, hair loss is also hereditary and affects specific areas of the head, such as the typical receding hairline. But also disorders of the liver, thyroid or infectious diseases can affect the balance of your body and ensure that the blood composition changes and thus certain values are increased or decreased. In this way, the cells of the scalp are not sufficiently supplied. Vitamin deficiencies and lack of trace elements such as iron and zinc also cause an undersupply of the cells that should normally tightly enclose the hair roots.

Home remedies against hair loss can therefore be well integrated into the diet: Iron and zinc-containing food as well as sufficient fruit are already half the battle.

Natural remedies can help against many causes. First of all, however, you should seek medical advice in case of severe hair loss. The first port of call here is the family doctor, in order to be able to rule out serious physical problems. 

Hair loss due to psychological reasons

Since the scalp is in direct contact with the bloodstream, the condition of the hair can be used to make a statement about the overall supply of the body. Toxins in the body such as nicotine, dental fillings or medications to be taken permanently also release their components into the bloodstream, which is located in the scalp area directly under the scalp and can release polluting substances into the tissue. 

Hair loss can also be triggered by persistent and also severe mental stress. Strong emotions such as fear, stress, anger or insecurity cause the brain to release messenger substances that change the composition of the blood. If these conditions persist over the long term, the scalp loses its ability to hold on to the hair roots due to insufficient cell supply – hair loss occurs. 

The best thing to do is to find a balance against stress. A little wellness at home can work wonders. But sports and exercise in the fresh air are also good for the body.

How To Prevent Hair Loss?

If your hair is thinning or bald patches are forming on your head, you should stay calm. As mentioned, make an appointment with a doctor. But even at home, some things can already be done: 

  • Reduce washing to avoid putting additional stress on the hair. 
  • Replace hair elastics with barrettes, as the hair is mechanically stressed by being pulled together. 
  • Brush as little as possible and leave the hairdryer in the closet. 
  • Air drying stresses the hair and also the hair roots much less.
  • Pay attention to your diet and leave out sugary foods. 
  • Excessive coffee and alcohol consumption should also be reduced immediately. 
  • Instead, foods rich in vitamins and iron are recommended. 

Your body needs to settle back into balance, and this includes a healthy diet that positively affects blood counts. Here are 5 nutrients for a baleful mane.

Natural Herbs to cure hair loss

Natural herbs can support as a home remedy for hair loss, as the plant substances stimulate blood circulation and soothe the scalp. In the pharmacy, you can get dried nettle leaves, for example. Boil a highly concentrated tea from them and apply this liquid to the scalp several times a day. In this way, any burning of the skin will subside, and inflamed areas will subside. In the health food store you can also get silica, which you can use to support the new hair formation process. 

Shiatsu and acupuncture to cure hair loss

Immediate help is also promised by healing methods such as shiatsu and acupuncture. Even if their effect is not completely scientifically proven, there are at least many who report positive effects. These treatments can do you no harm – and in the worst case, the little time out from everyday life during the treatment does you good. 

To do this, sit upright, clasp your left index finger with your right hand and at the same time tilt your head as far as you can onto your left shoulder. After about three minutes, shift your head diagonally forward and keep it lowered in this position for three minutes as well.

The burning sensation on the scalp will disappear – after a few days you will notice that less and less hair falls out.

Use this exercise consistently several times a day, and you will be able to feel new hair tips on the bald spots after usually only a few weeks.

Caution: If you have neck problems or other movement restrictions, you should only perform this exercise after consulting your family doctor! 

Five habits that promote hair loss

The body can react sensitively to stress and the wrong diet is shown by the example of hair not only with hair loss. Gray hair can also develop due to various influences – even spontaneously.

Hair loss can have many causes. Some are found in our daily care and styling routine. 

There are many causes of hair loss: in addition to hereditary baldness, so-called alopecia, deficiency symptoms or hormonal fluctuations can also be the trigger. But did you know that incorrect care and styling habits are also often to blame? So if you want full, strong hair, you’d better avoid the following mistakes. 

Wrong hair washing routine

For many women, washing their hair every day is part of their morning routine. But unfortunately, washing your hair too often dries it out and makes it brittle. 

This is especially true when using shampoos with silicones, which roughen the hair structure. So-called “cleansing shampoos” – shampoos that are supposed to have a deep-cleansing effect against residues and grease – also dry it out. Ideally, you keep your hair healthy with hair care without silicones.

In addition, frequent washing unbalances the pH of the scalp and thus increases hair loss. Therefore, be sure to use a mild shampoo that is as natural as possible. 

Be careful with tight hairstyles

Various ponytail, tightly tied hair ties or pinned hairpins: Too tight styling can also have a negative effect on hair growth and the scalp. It makes the hair extremely tense and thus damages the hair roots. Therefore, you should wear your hair loose more often. After a tight hair day, massage the scalp in the evening, preferably with a revitalizing hair tonic.

Too much heat from hairdryers

Many people do not have enough time in the morning to let their hair air dry. Nevertheless, you should try to do it without blow-drying every now and then. Especially if you notice increased hair loss.

Straightening irons and curling irons are even more punishing for damaged hair, as they expose it to the high temperatures in direct contact. Whether a hair dryer or curling iron as a curling technique is more gentle on the hair, an expert knows.

Frequent hair coloring promotes hair loss

It is not new knowledge that chemical dyes are harmful to the hair. Most commercial hair dyes contain toxic ingredients such as ammonia, which can damage the scalp and thus the hair roots and promote hair loss.  

Henna or vegetable dyes are much gentler on hair and scalp and also achieve great color results. 

Stress also attacks the hair

Permanent stress not only attacks the body and psyche, but also the hair. The reason: during periods of stress, androgen levels are usually elevated, which promotes hair loss. 

In addition, we tend to eat an unbalanced diet during stressful times. In general, the following applies to thinning hair: If you suffer from conspicuously severe hair loss over a long period of time, you should always have this examined by a doctor. Because hair loss can also be the result of iron deficiency, skin diseases or thyroid problems.