Almond Butter – A Healthier Alternative To Regular Butter

Almonds have seen a sharp rise in media attention recently due to the many studies that are heralding the health benefits that this super food produces.

Not surprising then, almond butter is becoming a healthy alternative to regular butter and margarines. Not only does it taste delicious, it is also packed with protein, fiber and vitamin E to keep you fit and strong throughout the day.

Unlike traditional spreads, you’ll be delighted to hear that almond oil is cholesterol free and contains none of those very unhealthy trans fats.

Most tree nuts can be made into butter simply by grinding them down into a paste. Other popular nut butters include peanut butter, cashew butter, pecan butter, walnut butter, hazelnut butter and macadamia butter.

As with other nut butters, almond butter retains all the natural nutrients and health properties that come from the almond.

There are stores that will make almond butter for you while you wait, or let you make your own using heavy-duty nut grinders. You can easily make it yourself from home. It’s easy enough to do and you can add other ingredients for taste.

Fresh almond butter has a more intense, rich flavor than some commercially produced butters that use various stabilizers to keep the butter from turning rancid.

Almond butter can be made purely from skinned or un-skinned almonds. Skinned almond butter is whiter in color and smoother and creamy. It is made from blanched almonds and finely ground. Un-skinned is darker in color and has a more crunchy texture as it is not ground as finely. It’s a little like deciding between smooth and crunchy peanut butter. In fact the taste isn’t too dissimilar, with an obvious hint of almonds.

I have to confess to being an almond butter addict! Since I started buying it around 6 months ago, I crave it as much as chocolate! It is simply delicious spread on my morning toast and really sets me up for the rest of the day.

I also have a maple almond butter sandwich after my workout which is a perfect pick me up. It is rich in protein and gives me that energy boost I need.

Almond butter contains slightly more calories than other nut butters, but as long as you consume it in moderation and combined with a healthy lifestyle, the benefits far outweigh a few extra calories.


Make sure you refrigerate almond butter as soon as you open it as the fats can cause it to go rancid. This is the same with any nut butter and should be stirred before serving to ensure the butter and fats are evenly mixed.

I’ve had a go at making my own almond butter and it does taste delicious. Its very easy to do and takes no time at all.

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